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Gypsy Chic Caraven

Gypsy Chic's mission is to design and create fun, fashionable, high quality goods in a manner that is socially, environmentally and economically responsible. We search high and low to bring you original, diverse, and exclusive selections that will make you feel both beautiful and comfortable.


Our Story

It all began with a love of travel and an eye for style. After serving several years with the Peace Corps in Mali, West Africa (where she taught health education and established a women’s cooperative producing and selling mud cloth), Jamie continued on many inspiring trips to Southeast Asia, India & Nepal. With the goal of being able to support her travels, she began in search of treasures to bring back home. In 1999, Jamie started selling from a small booth at the Skidmore Saturday Market in downtown Portland. Before too long, her little booth grew, along with the number of places you could find her peddling her wares. After years of vending at music festivals up and down the west coast with her husband Brian, Gypsy Chic opened its first brick and mortar on N Mississippi Avenue in 2006. In November of 2014, another Gypsy Chic storefront was opened on SE Division Street.

jamie Mud Painting in West Africa

Jamie working with women in West Africa producing Mud Cloth.

We import clothing, jewelry, gifts and accessories from around the world including our own Gypsy Chic label. We travel near and far to find quality, funky, fashionable clothing and exotic treasures that fit perfectly in to your wardrobe, all while keeping it affordable to you. We believe that goods you put on your body should make you feel great, look chic, and inspire you to bring out the beauty from within. So with a little wanderlust in your heart and gleam in your eye, take a magic carpet ride through our wild and spirited world.

Jamie Jensen Owner Early Festival Days First Brick and Mortar on N. Mississippui Ave.
Owner, Jamie Jensen Early Festival Days First Brick & Mortar

Our House Line

Our in house line has been handpicked and produced with small locally owned businesses in Thailand for well over a decade, and the owners of Gypsy Chic have formed strong personal relationships with the vendors and their families. One major player in the Gypsy Chic label is Jammin, a native Thai Rasta with the skills and knowledge that only a master tailor possesses. His free spirited ideas are a key element to the eclectic style that make up many of our unique designs.

Gypsy Chic is dedicated to passing on good karma through our fairly made clothing. This extends further than comfort and a fashionable look, and into mindfulness about fair working conditions and a focus on social responsibility. Our clothes are produced in Thailand, a country with established standards for workers safety, wages, and healthy working environment. As a business we go beyond the legalities and visit production facilities somewhat regularly to ensure that all working conditions and comfortable and safe.

Master Tailor Jammine Master Tailor Jammine Inside the Factory Inside the Factory
Jamie working on the Gypsy Line Master Tailor Jammin Picking out fabrics Working at the Factory

One of our main focuses as consumers here at home and when buying for the store, is to buy from small businesses and individuals. We believe that ethical business extends much further than just fair trade practices in developing countries, and we strive to be honest, fair and moral in everything we do.


Phuket Has Been Good To Us Foundation

In an effort to give back to the Thai people, Gypsy Chic is a proud sponsor of a non-profit organization located in Phuket, Thailand. Phuket Has Been Good To Us helps underprivileged Thai children (many of whom are “social orphans”) establish and enhance English language skills through both formal education as well as after school and non-curricular activities. If you would like to learn more on what they do or care to show your own support please visit their website.

Phuket Thailand school visit Jensen Family with students hanging with the kids.
playing some bingo Thailand School grounds phuket school
The Jensen Family visiting a Sponsored School in Phuket, Thailand


Behind Our Name

Through their voyages internationally, as well as countless days on the road traveling and vending at music festivals, the owners of Gypsy Chic have always felt a close kinship with the ever wandering Gypsy. The stores attempt to encapsulate the Gypsy essence: an eccentric free spirit of a wanderlust traveler who believes in truth, freedom, and love. We represent the romanticized bohemian idea of a Gypsy where home is wherever you lay your hat.

While the Gypsies originated from the Romani people of Northern India, they now reside all over the globe and continue to contribute their rich history of art, music, and culture to the world. We have the upmost respect for the Romani community and take the discrimination they face very seriously. Gypsy Chic takes every opportunity to support Romani Organizations including participating in the Festival Romani event here in Portland, OR. For information on the event or the Romani community please visit the Festival Romani Facebook page